Corporate & Commercial Design

Professional Interior Design Services

The Helen Piteo Interiors’ team is your solution for accomplishing that impressive commercial or corporate space. All of our interior design is completed to be aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically functional.

HPI has experience in identifying and communicating all your project needs. From space planning to green materials and surfacing to furnishings, you can trust Helen Piteo Interiors with your commercial or corporate interior design. Our team will create a practical and efficient environment that is inviting to your clients and can improve sales and team productivity.

Interior Design Portfolio

Corporate Headquarters

Not only can Helen Piteo Interiors transform your space, but we’ll transform your corporate culture in ways that promote collaboration, teamwork, and productivity.

Executive Office Design

People spend a large portion of their day working in offices, so having a positive work culture is extremely important. HPI will help you achieve a comfortable, motivating office design that supports its employee’s efforts and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Healthcare Design

Long gone are the sterile, institutional doctor’s offices. We create a welcoming environment to help your patients feel comfortable during their visit.

Hospitality Design

For the last 20 years, Helen Piteo Interiors has designed an array of businesses in the Hudson Valley including many restaurants, banquet halls, and various other storefronts. We pride ourselves in making the spaces in our community beautiful and inviting for all its patrons.

Recent Commercial Interior Design Projects