Central Hudson

Innovative Workspace Design

LocationPoughkeepsie, NY
ClientCentral Hudson
CategoryCommercial & Corporate

What We Did
Helen Piteo Interiors collaborated with Central Hudson and Page Park Associates to design the new Central Hudson offices at the Poughkeepsie Journal building. By working directly with Central Hudson to meet the needs of their employees, HPI was able to implement a refreshing and collaborative work environment for their team and set the example for the future of work environments.

Project Standouts
A live Biophilic Moss Wall greets you upon arrival of the space, inviting one to connect with nature.
Several huddle and conference rooms, where group meetings can comfortably occur, while the private rooms create balance by allowing one to step away and focus in solitude.
Acoustic dividers were installed between working areas to allow employees to collaborate without disturbing others in the space.
A colorful graffiti mural designed to inspire youth and vitality was painted in the café lounge, creating a space to unwind and recharge.
The Rotunda Lounge proudly pays homage to the original architecture of the historic building.

Design & Furnishing Choices
We utilized modern fixtures, ergonomic furnishings, and plenty of power stations allowing Central Hudson employees to work comfortably throughout the office space while still maintaining the building’s form and heritage.