Residential Design

Residential Interior Design Services

At Helen Piteo Interiors, our residential design services can be as simple as a paint color consultation and as comprehensive as complete home interior design. We can assist with every phase of your project, including layouts, finish selections, color schemes, and architectural design elements.

Let us help you achieve your dream home that’s tailored to your style. Including Helen Piteo Interiors on your project design team is never too early or too late.

Complete Home Design

HPI is your design project managing partner, here to take the stress off of you so your complete home remodel or new construction is nothing but seamless. We collaborate with all support teams including contractors, electricians, painters, etc. and provide full-service installation of furnishings from sofas to fresh towels and beds perfectly made. We also can help source the necessary teams to achieve your dream home.

Patel Bathroom Design

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels

Helen Piteo Interiors can support any kitchen and bathroom remodel whether that includes redesigning the entire layout of your space or just selecting new furnishings.

Living Space Design

We design any living space from entryways, living rooms, bedrooms, themed rooms, nurseries, home movie theaters, man caves, fitness rooms, laundry rooms, and even closets

Home Office Design

Whether you have a designated office space or need to make due with a corner of a room, HPI can perfectly curate your home office to fit your needs and style with the utmost comfort.

Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

Exteriors are just as important as interiors. Our designers love to transform outdoor spaces for all your entertainment and relaxation needs. This includes decks, outdoor kitchens, seating areas, entertainment areas, and patios.

Recent Interior Design Projects